World Children’s Baseball Fair in Japan

Australia has been selected to participate in the World Children’s Baseball Fair in Japan, 17th – 25th August 2016.

Please Click for World Children Baseball Foundation 2016 Application

We have the opportunity to send 5 Children and 1 Chaperone to participate in this international event. Each State will be required to send their recommended nominations of 2 players (1 boy and 1 girl) and a chaperone to Baseball Australia along with a short essay of what they would like to experience in Japan.

Please note that ALL nominations are to come from your state body to be considered. The successful nominations will be finalised by BA.

Players: This program is for participants in Little League and must be aged 10 or 11 on the 17th August 2016, be outgoing and able to be away from home for the period of time. Please consider your nominations carefully.

Please Click for Players Selection Guidelines

They must also have a current Australian Passport.

Selection of Chaperone: Please Click for Chaperone Selection Guidelines

The nominating Chaperone must be an adult and not be a parent, they must have experience in dealing with groups of children and be a good disciplinary role model. The chosen chaperone should have good knowledge of baseball and will be expected to provide supervision at all times. The attending chaperone will be assigned to a group at the baseball clinics, to assist with translation and to help the coaches instruct the children.

The nominating chaperones are required to submit a brief resume, stating their baseball job history. This will be submitted to WCBF upon selection.

The WCBF will cover expenses including International Airfares, Accommodation, Meals and Uniform. There will be some extra expenses for the players which will some ancillary costs.

Note: Applications require a short essay and a passport size photo attached.

All information and nomination forms  are available on website.  

Nominations close Friday 26th February.